The lights and colors of the Mediterranean guide the experience of the scenery in the painting of Lili Gluić. Of course, the motifs carry their beauty, but the full vividness is achieved in the integration with the coloristic truth and the very concept of chromatic changes. Using an intense palette, Lili Gluić raises the excitement of forms, observed to the level of assimilation of the theme and atmosphere. With a variety of poetic realism with prevailing lyrical connotation, Lili Gluić interprets, with a measure of artistic spontaneity, the characteristic states and situations of the South recorded in the scenes of emotional closeness.It is not the attractiveness of the template that is brought to the forefront (although this fact has its meaning), but the adoption of the scenes, the continuous discovery of the riches of the known and the precious, visible as much in the pulsing of colors as in the geographic distinctiveness. In the synthesis of intimate weaving and a mild expressionist gesture, the scenes reflect contact of the constant of visual appearance and flash of the moment, connecting the power of primordial beauty and vibrancy of light within the color. Lili Gluić is thoroughly in command of the painting art in terms of both the composition and a-harmonious sensitivity to the value of the palette, enabling the ambience of the scenes to receive unparalleled artistic authenticity. The views of Split, as well as other towns by the sea, landscapes, marinas, plants, genre scenes painted in canvas painting and watercolor techniques, make a sequence painted with passion in both the integrity of the motifs and its details.Lili Gluić builds her world of painting freshness on the classical aesthetics, in the impressive opus of numerous shoots, ranging from descriptiveness to the needed indication of the subject.Although there are frames of stylistic consistency present in Lili Gluić work, avoidance of any, however successful, kind of performance formulas is noticeable, since the artist feels painting as an event that requires a sincere echo of the experienced. And the motif she transforms with joy is as much before her as it is inside of her.Finally, Lili Gluić is on the home field, a space permeated by personal life, and her art, through talent, is the answer to the gift of beauty she is filled with. This is the way to requite with gratitude, with the eye, the heart and the hand, the width and depth of the received magnificence. With the knowledge that it is a gift without limits because beauty in its whole reality is overwhelmed by a spiritual dimension.Along with the admiration of the painter before the forces of the sea, the waves crashing against rocks, emphasized by the relief structure of the surface, with the color of extraordinary energy, Lili Gluić has also presented the calm of the sea, with boats in the sea and ashore. And when she entered the city, especially Split, she stopped in front of monuments and landmarks, walked into picturesque corners with buildings of the recorded time.She is fascinated by the complexity of the city's history, finding a number of interesting angles of view in the relationship between streets, squares and architecture, enriching them with colorful sonority. In watercolors, with the subtleness of brush-strokes and a calm palette, Lili Gluić records little life stories with a lot of affection, in pictures somewhat contrasting the "representative" views. Lili Gluić, with her creative charge and curiosity in the chosen reality of the motifs of the South, with her poetical personality, finds a constant ability for renewal, confirming the affiliation to the circle of artists inspired by the atmosphere and colors of Dalmatia


Stanko Špoljarić

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